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Master Of Ceremonies

If you require a master of ceremonies in Essex or further afield then the services offered by Richard W. Palmer are what you need, as the master of ceremonies Richard will make all the announcements at your wedding, reception or event, the announcements are usually less personal than a toastmaster would make.

Richard has acted as master of ceremonies in Essex and many other places around the country as well as some functions abroad. Richard has a lot of experience in managing events. He has a background in the military and this is seen in the buttons he uses on the tailcoat he wears during the announcements.

Richard has been the master of ceremonies at many charity events including speaking at a charity event for Farleigh hospice on two occasions first being for the mayor of Chelmsford and then for the district council of Braintree.

Richard is a true professional and has been acting as a master of ceremonies for many years. He first started his training many years ago at the London guild of toastmasters which incorporates the society of masters of ceremonies in the British Isles. He now specialises in weddings and corporate events also charity events and events that need a caring guiding hand throughout.

Richard is a helpful and informative master of ceremonies in Essex and provides assistance throughout the process of preparing and running your event. Richard will gladly ensure that any of the possible eventualities have been covered, giving any required advice on etiquette and protocol, as well as liaising with all parties including the families, venue staff, caterers, photographers, videographers and entertainers.

Should you require any further information on the services offered by Richard, please feel free to contact him, either by telephone or email. All the details of which can be found on this website.



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