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Professional Toastmaster

Welcome to the website of the professional toastmaster Richard W. Palmer. Richard offers his toastmaster services to enhance your special day and is available to meet and greet bridal parties on arrival assist with the ceremony and announce the arrival of guests as well as so much more.

The duties of a professional toastmaster vary slightly depending on how formal the wedding reception or corporate event may be. Richard is a true professional and can adapt to the different situations and ensures that your day runs smoothly.

Richard has worked at all manner of events and all sizes of events as well and guarantees that hiring the services of a professional toastmaster make a real difference to your reception or event and will pamper your every need.

The cost of hiring Richard so you can take advantage of his true professionalism and excellent toastmaster skills varies according to the time of year and the length of time he will be required and the size of the event and the chores that he shall be charged with, you shall receive an initial quote on your first appraisal. Richard is known for providing extremely good value for money and the cost covers everything from the initial consultation and the overall preparation of your event.

If you require a professional toastmaster then you will not be let down by Richard. His services are different from that of a master of ceremonies as the MC will normally just speak when announcements are needed and these are not usually personal whereas a toastmaster will get all the details about everything that you want and they will meet with everybody who is important to the day.

A professional toastmaster will work closely with everyone involved to ensure the timing of everything is to the second and ensure the whole day fits together like a jigsaw. Richard will take care of your guests and more importantly you to give you a special stress free event.


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