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Toast Master

If you are holding a wedding reception then read on to see how our services can help to enhance your event. The main service available is toast master or master of ceremonies which is performed by Richard W. Palmer. Other wedding planning services are available as well.

As a toast master Richard will bring a touch of class to your wedding reception and can prepare speeches and make personal announcements as well as introduce guests as they enter the reception.

For your wedding reception you can do no better than hiring Richard as your toast master or master of ceremonies. Richard has a strong background in event management. He also has a military background which can be seen through his smart regimental outfits. He has been a compare at many different shows receptions and events.

Richard is an extremely helpful and informative toast master and gets involved throughout the preparation of your big event and will assist you throughout the day with the running of your wedding reception his preparations allow for all eventualities. Richard is there to provide information on wedding etiquette and how it varies depending on the formality of the reception and can advise on protocols as well.

At your wedding reception Richard is more than happy to be there to liaise with all parties that will be involved in the big day, and there are more than you could imagine including families of the bride and groom, staff that work at the venue your wedding reception is being held at caterers at the event so they know the exact times to bring out food as to not interrupt speeches and then you have the photographers and entertainers.

At your wedding reception there are numerous people who have to make speeches and they are often nervous so Richard is glad to offer advice such as keeping the speeches fairly short and to the point this way you avoid boring the crowd avoid inappropriate remarks as you would not like to look round the room and see peoples faces after your faux pas.

For more information on Richard's toast master services, please feel free to contact him and he will do all he can to answer any questions that you may have..


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